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Research Trends in Distribution Motorcycles per Territory in Indonesia

Research Trends in Distribution Motorcycles Per Territory (Data Sales Per Per Type CC Machine), released November 2016 showing the data, market research, market trends, as well as analysis and market projections of motorcycles per region in Indonesia.

From the start of the motorcycle market growth trends, market value (market size), the ratio of ownership, number of population, as well as the distribution of motorcycle sales per region, per brand, per the capacity of the machine, per type of machine, the research and data presented in this industry.

Research Trends in Distribution Motorcycles Per Territory (Data Sales Per Per Type CC Engineering) starts from the beginning by showing highlights macroeconomic Indonesia, covering GDP growth from 2014 to 2019, the trend of inflation, population, middle-class consumer trends, the potential of the local market, as well as the trend of increasing income per capita 2008-2019 (est). (Page 2-4) Furthermore, market research showing trends car and motorcycle sales in Indonesia 2005-2019 (estimate) in an interesting graphic. (Page 5) Motorcycle sales grew by the highest percentage in the period 2006-2011 historically from 4.42 million units to 8.01 million units.

Trends in the competitive landscape of the market share per brand motorcycle clearly presented with an interesting diagram on page 6. Data on the number of motors operating described on page 7 complete with the track record of the period 2006-2016, supplemented with average growth trends and market penetration rate and classification consumer views of their income.

Beginning on page 8, duniaindustri.com make independent research specifically related to the motor industry ranging from picture Indonesian motorcycle industry globally. Population and market value (market size) of the motor industry Indonesia (pages 9-10), motorcycle ownership ratio compared to the total population (page 11), and the motor market analysis 2015 (page 12).

The composition of the motorcycle segment with an attractive graphical display on page 13. Then, motorcycle sales trends per region in Indonesia in detail described on page 14, complete with a sales volume per island in the country.

This research followed by analysis by province motorcycle sales and market share of each brand (brand). Analysis was equipped with motorcycle sales trends in 10 provinces which became the largest market in Indonesia, complete with a market share of each brand of motorcycle. (Pages 15-17)
Then, the trend composition motorcycle sales distribution in six major regions in Indonesia is shown in a span of 2015 and 2016 (pages 17-18). Top 10 provinces with the largest motorcycle sales in Indonesia are also presented in a fairly long period (2012-2014) to show trends in a comprehensive manner. (Pages 19-22)

The data reinforced by the raw data from reliable sources related to the sale of five brands of motorcycle market leader in Indonesia, per brand, type (Underbone, scooter, sport), and per engine capacity (cc) on pages 23-27.

On page 28, described motorcycle sales distribution per type (Underbone, scooter, sport), per brand, per machine type (2-stroke or 4-stroke), and per cc. Furthermore, on page 29 described the distribution of motorcycle sales to the domestic market and the export market. Dipaparnya subsequent data sharing per brand motorcycle engine capacity of 0-49 cc to 251 cc and above. (Page 30)
On pages 31-33, the data displayed by grouping sales distribution machine machine technology (2-stroke or 4-stroke), per engine capacity (cc) and per brand.

Log in to the more specific, on pages 34-42 show the data distribution motorcycle sales per province, per brand and market development trends per province period of 2016. On pages 43-48, show the data distribution motorcycle sales per trademark sold by 5 market leader in Indonesia. No lag, Market Research and Data Motor Industry (Trends Regional Sales Per Per Brand) also displays the policy direction (grand strategy) government to develop a two-wheeler industry, investment opportunities, as well as regulation and incentives. (Pages 49-52)

Research Trends in Distribution Motorcycles Per Territory (Data Sales Per Type Per CC Machine) as much as 53 page pdf is derived from various sources such as industry associations namely the Association of Indonesian Motorcycle Industries (AISI), the regulator in Indonesia such as BPS, Ministry of Industry, BKPM, Police, World Bank, as well as a motor company. Index of industry data is a new feature in duniaindustri.com featuring dozens of selected data according to the needs of users. All data is presented in pdf form so easily downloaded after users perform processes according to the procedure, ie click buy (purchase), click checkout, and fill out the form. Duniaindustri.com priority to the legitimacy and validity of the source of the data presented.(*)

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