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Market Research and Cosmetic Industry Analysis (5 Best Selling Brand)

Market Research and Cosmetic Industry Analysis (Growth Trends and 5 Best Selling Brand) released per June 2016 featuring independent research, data, analysis, assessment and outlook comprehensively regarding all information about the competitive landscape in the cosmetics industry in Indonesia, including highlights and profiles quick players in the industry, demand trends / needs (demand) in the local market, up to a market share analysis of cosmetic products with the highest level of competition.

This data begins by presenting economic and market highlights Indonesia, include consumer trends and purchasing power. (Page 2-4)

On page 5, presented terminology cosmetics from a Greek word meaning ornate. Followed by a brief profile of the national cosmetics industry on page 6, includes a number of companies, number of employees, export-import, as well as the cosmetic product segmentation.

On page 7, show the value of sales (market size) Indonesia cosmetic industry in the period 2009-2015 with a percentage growth. Data on page 7 being compare with the growth of cosmetics (personal care and home care) with a total growth of the consumer goods industry on page 8.

On page 9-11, make market research related lipstick market share per brand in Indonesia, the trend of the market share from 2010 to 2015, as well as the analysis of market leader. Especially for powder products, also displayed per brand and market share analysis of market leader in pages 12-13. On page 14-15, described the trend in retail sales of cosmetics and consumer behavioral.

Moving on pages 16-44 is the essence of this research is to show market intelligence to the four companies market leader in the cosmetics industry in Indonesia. Overview directed at financial performance, sales per category of products, marketing strategies, distribution network, production capacity and manufacturing facilities, as well as product development strategy. While at the end of research showing 5 brands (top 5) cosmetics with the highest sales in Indonesia.

Market Research and Industry Analysis Cosmetic (Growth Trends and Best-Selling Brand 5) as many as 45 pages of this comes from research with supporting data from BPS, WHO and the World Bank, as well as a number of cosmetic companies in Indonesia. Index of industry data is a new feature in featuring dozens of selected data according to the needs of users. All data is presented in pdf form so easily downloaded after users perform processes according to the procedure, ie click buy (purchase), click checkout, and fill out the form. priority to the legitimacy and validity of the source of the data presented. Thank you.(*)

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