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Market Research and Analysis Cement Industry in Indonesia (2016-2019)

Market Research and Analysis oversupply Cement (2016-2019) was released by August 2016 displays all the information about the condition of excess supply (oversupply) cement industry in Indonesia. The main focus of the discussion in independent research, data, analysis, assessment, and this comprehensive outlook regarding the condition of the cement oversupply and strategies of the players.

Market Research and Analysis oversupply Cement (2016-2019) began with the trend of demand (demand) of cement from 2003 to 2016, was associated with an installed capacity (instaled capacity), and consumption growth. (Page 2) By looking at the long-term trend since 2003, seen the domestic cement capacity to hold above the level of local consumption, so that Indonesia did not supply deficit of cement. Oversupply occurs when demand growth below expectations.

On page 3 projection display related graphics cement oversupply conditions from 2016 to 2020. The growth of the installed capacity of cement will occur highest in 2017, while the real production estimates will adjust. The level of demand for cement is projected to grow around 4% (low estimate), 6% (moderate estimate), and 8% (the highest estimate) in the period 2016-2020.

Cement oversupply conditions are also described further on page 4 with the comparison to economic growth of Indonesia period 1993-2015. Duniaindustri.com make exclusive analysis regarding the condition of oversupply of cement for 2016-2017 projections. (Page 5-6)

On page 7, outlined the key factors driving the level of demand (demand) of cement in Indonesia, among others, the infrastructure budget, housing, market potential, as well as the demographic dividend middle class population. The development of infrastructure projects described in more detail on pages 8-9 and comes with a correlation to the level of cement consumption per capita in Indonesia.

Effect of infrastructure projects on cement consumption also comes from changes in cement sales portion of the packaging sacks (bags) to the big party (bulk) in the period 1997-2016. (Pages 11-12)

Market Research and Analysis oversupply Cement (2016-2019) is also equipped with map data competition cement brands per region, per local market leader, as well as changes and growth until 2016 (page 13)

On pages 14-20, the cement market leader described the strategy to tackle oversupply and competition conditions are more stringent. On page 21, displayed a level of cement consumption in ASEAN countries. Research is also equipped with the strategy of the player with the second and third market share in the face of cement oversupply conditions in the local market.

Market Research and Analysis oversupply Cement (2016-2019) a total of 32 pages of this comes from research duniaindustri.com with the support of the data coming from the Ministry of Industry, the Indonesian Cement Association (ASI), BPS, WHO and the World Bank, and a number of cement companies in Indonesia. Index of industry data is a new feature in duniaindustri.com featuring dozens of selected data according to the needs of users. All data is presented in pdf form so easily downloaded after users perform processes according to the procedure, ie click buy (purchase), click checkout, and fill out the form. Duniaindustri.com priority to the legitimacy and validity of the source of the data presented. thanks.(*)

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