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Market Trend of Car Lubricating Oil in Indonesia Per Provinces

Car Lubricating Oil Market Research by Provinces in Indonesia (2015-2017 Growth Trend) was released April 2017 displaying data, market trends, market volume growth and market size, and the forward projections surrounding the automobile industry in particular lubricating oil and automotive lubricating oil industry in general, presented in tables, graphics, and data tabulation attractive, exclusive research is expected to be a reference to the business growth of automobile oil player as well as other relevant stakeholders.

Car Lubricating Oil Market Research by Provinces in Indonesia (2015-2017 Growth Trend) starts by showing highlights macroeconomic Indonesia, including economic growth (GDP) 2015-2017F per quarter, the trend of inflation, exchange rate, ICP, oil lifting, and lifting gas (page 2). Followed by interesting graphics shows comparative regional growth per island in Indonesia with a poverty rate in 2016 (page 3).

Continued on page 4, is shown highlighting the Indonesian market and consumption levels in the world's fourth largest by the number of middle class consumers 45 million. More detail, the trend of population in Indonesia 2010-2019F period is displayed alongside GDP per capita, urbanization, and the number of middle class consumers and above (page 5). Although the last two years Indonesia's economic slowdown, the trend of increasing income in GDP has risen steadily since 2008-2019F as shown on page 6.

Then, on page 7 showed attractive graphics seen on population density per area. Followed on page 8, show the data tabulation the total population per province in 2016, the density (density) of the population per square kilometer, the number of households, and the average household members.

Go to page 9, the team duniaindustri.com create exclusive discussion about research car lubricating oil market trends per province 2015-2017F quantitative methods with a linear regression model explanatory. This approach is taken because it has a strong data base, namely sales and car population per province in Indonesia, dikomparasi with other supporting data that displays accurate data. On page 10, presented car oil market volume trends per province (34 provinces) 2015-2017F period in liters.

As a rule of calculation, on page 11, show car sales trend data and population 2016 to 2015 cars per province to measure the total oil in the car market in Indonesia by province. Top 10 provinces with the largest automobile oil markets by volume are presented on page 12.

On page 13, ditampilan comparison between market volume and market value (market size) car lubricating oil industry by province in 2016. Top 10 car oil market by value is presented on page 14.

The data supporting the above exclusive research presented on pages 15-17, including the composition of the distribution of car sales per province, the trend of car sales per unit 2005-2019F period, as well as the car population trends (the number of vehicles in operation) in the period 2006-2016.

Continues to the next discussion, on pages 18-21 show highlights lubricating oil industry in Indonesia. Since 2001, the lubricating oil market in Indonesia began to open with regulas issuance of Presidential Regulation No. 21/2001. Also described the condition of lubricating oil production in Indonesia compared to other ASEAN countries.

On page 22-25, duniaindustri.com exclusively making related research market competition in lubricant oil business in Indonesia in general. The competitive landscape was described in the chart (infographic) relating to market share of 10 major players in this industry. Also shown the development of market share between 2007, 2011, and 2015.

On page 26 show the market value (market size) lubricating oil industry in Indonesia during the period 2013-2016 (forecast) and the trade balance (exports-imports) in this industry. Additionally, on page 27, show the trend of demand (demand) in the local market in the 2011-2016 period and the growth, include the factors that influence it.

On pages 28-32, duniaindustri.com exclusively making maps analysis competition in this industry, the development of new players since 2003, and the latest news of investment and expansion of a number of market leader in this industry.

Continues to specialized research, duniaindustri.com create exclusive research on the composition of the oil segment is divided into two, namely automotive oil and oil industries. Trends 2011-2016 period indicates market share of automotive oil dominates (page 33). Of automotive oil, motor oil turns accounted for the largest composition (page 34).

On page 35, described the trend of market volume and market value (market size) automotive oil and the oil industry in Indonesia period 2011-2016. The data is reinforced by the top 10 automotive lubricating oil market leader in 2014 (page 36), 2015 (page 37), and 2016 est (page 38).

Car Lubricating Oil Market Research by Provinces in Indonesia (2015-2017 Growth Trend) as many as 39 pages came from duniaindustri.com market research and support by data from the Ministry of Industry, BPS, WHO and the World Bank, Ministry of Energy, industry associations and a number of lubricating oil company in Indonesia. Index of industry data is a new feature in duniaindustri.com featuring dozens of options to suit the needs of data users. All data is presented in the form of easily downloadable pdf so that after users perform the process according to the procedure, ie click buy (purchase), click checkout, and fill out the form. Duniaindustri.com priority to the legitimacy and validity of the source of the data presented.(*)

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